OgygianHummers, About

OgygianHummers is based in Diego Martin, the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Its website is hosted by www.000webhost.com. The OgygianHummers website, founded in 2011, aims to exhibit and support the hummingbirds of the Caribbean and Trinidad and Tobago, as that country is known as the land of the hummingbird; in particular their beauty, splendor, peculiarities, calls, issues, etc., and indirectly exhibit and support hummingbirds in general, the hummingbird habitat, and, promote and support wildlife.

Ultimately, to satisfy the curiosity, admiration, interest, concern, etc. of birders, wildlife enthusiasts, gardeners, photographers, and others are intents; again, along with supporting the hummingbirds, their habitats, and wildlife in general. Featured material will include in-house articles, photos, photo essays, drawings, multimedia presentations, and user submitted material, including discussion threads, event, news, etc., and will be updated quarterly.

The name, OgygianHummers, since there has been enquiries, is a combination derived of Ogygia and hummingbird. Ogygia Island being the abode of the goddess Calypso and on which Odysseus was marooned, after the battle at Troy (Iliad), as told in Homer's Odyssey; Trinidad and Tobago being the land of Calypso music and one location of our target hummingbirds (hummers), and our home base, we, adopted the name OgygianHummers.

The chief author/editor, Richard Thomas,has been a wildlife enthusiast since his youth in Trinidad and Tobago where he developed a keen interest in flora and fauna, especially birds. His interest in hummingbirds developed out of curiosity about their aptitude for flying/hovering, stunning colours, and enthralling nature. He made the transition from birdwatcher to birder more than a decade ago after his observations became more detailed; attending bird trips; checking field guides, identifying birds, noting bird calls; keeping records, reviewing scholarly articles and wildlife and bird magazines, and scouring bird sites on the internet, &c.

The webmaster can be contacted via the "Contact Us" link below or emailing [email protected]