This website content is written in easily readable and understandable English to enable users to find the desired information. The content is made to appear and flow in predictable ways. An easy menu system and hypertext allows the user to navigate the site and retrace steps (errors) if necessary. All our content is screen to disallow any that may cause user seizure. Content flow is under the control of users to allow them sufficient time to read, view and use content. Access keys give the user the means to access site controls using access keys; on Windows systems "alt" key + access key; on Mac systems "cntrl" key + access key. The access keys are as follows:

Menu items access keys, from the left and proceeding right or from the top proceeding down, start at "a", "b", "c", "e", "f", "g", "i"..... to "s" and "0" "9"
Footer items access keys, from the left and proceeding right begin at "t", "u", ... to "z"

Alternatively, the "tab" key and "shift" + "tab" keys combination can be used to cycle forward or reverse, respectively, through other selectable page content, e.g., hyperlinks, buttons, input fields etc..

Other measures include:
        Large font sizes,
        Text alternatives for non text content and
        Captions for multimedia

Accessibility on mobile devices, i.e., smartphones, is effected by a two tier system: single digits for menu items and links that are immediately visible and alpha characters for hidden menu items.

Design downloaded from free website templates.