Green-throated Carib

Green-throated Carib (Eulampis holosericeus)

Length: 10.5–12cm (3.94–4.72")
Weight: 5–7.8g
Description: a large hummingbird; slightly decurved black bill; metallic green head otherwise metallic bronze-green upperparts; bright green gorget bordered by brilliant metallic blue on chest, depending on lighting; black belly with some green feathering; deep dark blue primaries, may appear greyish brown; green underwing coverts; rounded tail, mostly blue-green upper tail coverts, under tail coverts are metallic blue; dark grey legs; dark grey feet; female (♀): longer and more de-curved bill, duller green upper parts, dark blue tail feathers, in low light the tail looks black; and immature: resembles the female but with bleached brown head.
Habitat: cultivations, deciduous forest, forest, forest undergrowth/shrubbery, gardens, parks, plantations, roadside, secondary forest, and woodlands.
Range: Puerto Rico, Eastern Caribbean, i.e., Lesser Antilles including the Netherlands Antilles (St. Maarten, Saba, and St. Eustatius), and vagrant on Trinidad and Tobago.

Note: The green-throated Carib, a.k.a. green doctor bird, has two subspecies: Eulampis holosericeus and Eulampis chlorolaemus. Eulampis holosericeus ranges from Puerto Rico in the Greater Antilles to the Windward Islands except the island of Grenada. Eulampis chlorolaemus, resident on the island of Grenada, has a darker green throat with a thicker violet-blue delimit at the chest.