Trinidad & Tobago Map

Over 400 species of birds, endemic, resident or migratory, can be observed at many sites across the twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, amongst these sites: on Tobago, Little Tobago island, famous for the Tropic Bird, St. Giles island, Gilpin Trail, on the Main Ridge, Cuffie River Nature Retreat, Adventure Farm and nature Reserve, the Blue-Crowned Mot Mot can be observed seen there, and Grafton Caledonia Bird and Wildlife Sanctuary; on Trinidad, Asa Wright Nature Centre and Lodge, Caroni Bird Sanctuary, famous for the Scarlet Ibis, Bush Bush Wild Life Reserve and the Nariva Swamp, Wild Fowl Trust, Point-a-Pierre, Mount St. Benedict, Waller Field, Agricultural Research Station (Aripo Live Stock Farms), the Queens Park Savannah and Royal Botanic Gardens in the Port of Spain environs and others.

Some sites favored for Hummingbirds and marked on the map are: on Tobago, Cuffie River, Grafton Bird Sanctuary, Adventure Farm and Nature Reserve and on the Main Ridge, Gilpin and Niplig trails; on Trinidad, Chaguaramas, El Tucuche Reserve, Arena Forest, Bush Bush Wildlife Reserve in the Nariva Swamp, Asa Wright Nature Center and Lodge, Valencia Wildlife Sanctuary, Mount St. Benedict trail, amongst others.