Black-billed Streamertail

Black-billed Streamertail (Trochilus scitulus)

Length: 15–17cm (5.9–6.69")
Description: black bill, black head, elongated lateral crown feathers behind the nape forming ear tufts, iridescent black gorget, glossy emerald-green upper-part, bolder glossy emerald-green under-parts, black wings, black tail delimited in green with second to outermost rectrices (tail feathers) elongated to form "streamers"; female (♀): grey-brown head, some slight spotting on the side of the throat, green upper-parts, dark green sides, white plumage below, outer tail feathers are tipped white without the long tail feathers of the male; and immature: lack the long tail feathers.
Habitat: forest, gardens, parks, plantations, riverine area, secondary forest, and woodlands.
Range: Eastern Jamaica.

Note: Like its cousin, the red-billed streamertail, it is also endemic to Jamaica. Jamaicans dub them the "doctor birds." Peculiarly, in flight their long, black tail feathers trail them with a drone. The streamers add about 6–7 inches to the bird's overall length. Otherwise, its length is about 3.25–3.5 inches (see the red-billed streamertail hummingbird, below.)