Blue-chinned Sapphire

Blue-chinned Sapphire (Chlorostilbon notatus)

Lenght: 8.9cm (3.5")
Weight: 3.8g
Description: green overall, dark blue tail, thin blue coating on throat, straight bill, black upper mandible, reddish lower mandible; male (♂): darker green above, white thighs, and forketd metallic blue tail; and female (♀): greenish-white underparts.
Habitat: cultivations, forest, and forest boundary/edges.
Range: Trinidad and Tobago, Columbia, Venezuela and Guianas, Peru, and Brazil: along the Amazon River Basin and coastal Atlantic Ocean.

Note: Its scientific name Chlorostilbon notatus is synonymous with Chlorestes notatus.

Blue-chinned Sapphire Hummingbird