Blue-headed Emerald

Blue-headed Hummingbird (Cyanophaia bicolor)

Length: 9–11cm (3.54–4.33")
Weight: male 4.7g; female 4.5g
Description: straight, black bill; pinkish at base of lower mandible; metallic violet-blue head; male (♂): bluish-green upperparts, with shinning back; violet blue throat; violet-blue upper breast; and violet-blue, slightly-forked tail; and female (♀): somewhat black earmuffs; green upperparts; greyish-white underparts; white corners on outer retrices and with bluish, subterminal tail band.
Habitat: subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests, secondary forests, forest edges, and mountainous, riverine areas.
Range: Dominica and Martinique

Note: Endemic to region, i.e., Dominica and Martinique