Brace's Emerald

Brace's Emerald ( Chlorostilbon bracei)

Length:9.5cm (3.74")
Description: tapered, somewhat curved, black bill; post-ocular white spot; bronze-green crown; ruddy-bronze upperparts—back, nape and rump; pale green gorget with silvery bluish sheen; bronze-green chest; bronze green belly; bronze-green central retrices and pale grey under-tail coverts with buff white borders.
Range: Bahamas

Note: This species is extinct. A specimen was acquired in 1877 from New Providence, The Bahamas in 1877[1]. At the Smithsonian Institution Archives there is housed the only skin collected of the species. It has been compared with the Cuban Emerald (C. ricordii) which is larger, has a shorter bill and distinct plumage[2].

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