Cuban Emerald

Cuban Emerald (Chlorostilbon ricordii)

Length: 9.5–11.5cm (3.7–4.5")
Weight: 3.4–5g (.12–.18oz)
Description: a medium-sized hummingbird with a short bill and a black upper mandible, white daub behind the eye, metallic-green overall; male (♂): red lower mandible tipped black, bluish hint to the breast, and a noticeably forked tail that is white beneath; and female (♀): like the male but smaller and with greyish-white or brownish grey underparts (from the chin to beneath tail) and shallower forked tail.
Habitat: forest, scrubland, grassland, plantation, garden, park, secondary forest.
Range: Bahamas; Cuba; Turks and Caicos Islands

Note: It is a vagrant in the United States [1].


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