Cuban Tody

Cuban Tody (Todus multicolor)

Length: 10–11cm (3.9–4.3")
Weight: 4.3–8.5g (.15–.3oz.)
Description: a small, ostentatious bird with a large head on a comparatively small body; broad, shallow bill with black upper mandible and red lower one; pale grey-blue eyes; yellow-green brow; yellow lores; bright-green head and upperparts; red chin and throat contained by white stripe on the cheek, which continues in pale-blue along the neck; bright-green wing and yellowish-white underwing coverts; white chest and belly; pink flanks; bright-green tail with yellow under-tail coverts; and dull-reddish legs and feet; immature: muted colours; shorter beak, brown eyes, yellow patches on the head, pale-grey underparts, without the yellow lore, the blue strip on neck, and the pink flanks.
Habitat: forests, littoral forests, woodlands, pine forests, secondary forests, lowlands, riverine areas, shrubland, and plantations.
Range: Cuba and islands immediately off the Cuban coast.

Note: This bird is not a hummingbird even though its size is comparable to a medium-sized one and just as flamboyant.