Golden-tailed Sapphire

Golden-tailed Sapphire (Chrysuronia oenone)

Length: 9.4cm (3.7")
Weight: 4.5–4.7g
Description: 0.8" (20mm) long, nearly straight bill and pale red lower mandible with black tip; generally shiny green; glittering blue violet head and throat (may appear black); shiny green nape; shiny green back; glittering blue-green chest and bronze-green belly; otherwise glittering green below; shiny golden copper and slightly forded tail; reddish copper upper tail coverts and grey brown under tail coverts; female (♀): shiny green head; glittering green spots on throat, chest and flanks; but mostly green below with median line down under parts; otherwise mostly white below with some glittering green spots; and shining golden copper tail with greyish tips on outer rectrices; and immature: like females with blue flecks on the throat.
Habitat: forest, gardens, lowlands, parks, plantations, secondary forest, and woodlands.
Range: east of Andes, South America including Brazil, Bolivia, and Trinidad.

Note: This species presence in Trinidad is disputed.

Golden-tailed Sapphire Hummingbird