Green-throated Mango

Green-throated Mango (Anthracothorax viridigula)

Length:10.2cm (4.02")
Weight: 9g
Description: slightly decurved longish black bill; green throat and upper parts; green under parts with a black bisecting stripe on breast and belly; dark central tail feathers but red, tipped with black outer rectrices; male (♂): more glossy green upper parts with reddish brown tinge, the rump more so; female (♀): shows more reddish brown on upper parts and flanks; white under parts with black central stripe; dark central tail feathers, wine-red tipped with white outer rectrices; and immature: males have reddish-brown flanks and resemble the females; the species is sometimes indistinguishable from the black-throated mango hummingbird but the male green-throated mango has less black on the underparts.
Habitat: lowlands, mangroves, savannahs, swamps, and woodlands.
Range: north eastern Venezuela, north eastern Brazil, Trinidad, and Guianas.

Green-throated Mango Hummingbird