Inagua Woodstar

Inagua Woodstar (Calliphlox lyrura)

Length: 7.8–10.16cm (3.0–4")
Weight: 2.5–3.3g
Description: A small hummingbird with short, somewhat decurved black bill, post-ocular white spot; green upperparts with sporadic gold weaves, white chest, and rufous/olive-buff abdomen; male (♂): iridescent forehead, iridescent reddish-blue throat and a forked tail with lyre-shaped feathers; female (♂): white throats and rounded tails, like female Bahama Woodstar; the immature bird has a white throat, like immature Bahama Woodstar.
Habitat: littoral forest, gardens, parks, clearings, scrub, forest edges, and pine forest.
Range: Inagua Island, The Bahamas

Note: The Inagua Woodstar is a member of the "bees" clade In October 2014 the American Ornithological Society accepted the Inaqua Woodstar as a separate species from the Bahama Woodstar (see news). This species is further distinguished form the Bahama Woodstar by a narrower range of vocalization and by modest differences in courtship shuttle displays[1].

Inagua Woodstar of The Bahamas

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