Puertorican Emerald

Puerto Rican Emerald, a.k.a Zumbadorcito de Puerto Rico (Chlorostilbon maugaeus)

Length: 9–11 (3.5–4.3")
Weight: 2.8–3.6 (.1–.13oz)
Description: a medium sized bird; long, straight, and dark bill; iridescent green upperparts, i.e., crown, nape, back; iridescent green below, i.e., throat, chest and abdomen; and black or dark blue tail; female (♀): white chin with hints of orange; white throat; white breast and outer tail feathers.
Habitat: glades, woodlands, plantations (coffee), mountains, and mangrove swamps.
Range: Puerto Rico

Note: this species is endemic to Puerto Rico. It is found in the northeastern Sierra de Luquillo that encompasses El Yunque National Rainforest, Cordillera Central, and the island's southwestern coast. It is a member of the emeralds clade.