White-tailed Golden Throat

White-tailed Golden Throat (Polytmus guinumbi)

Length: 9–10cm (3.54–3.97")
Weight: 4.4g
Description: a relatively large hummingbird; decurved, rose bill with black tip; primarily green colour; dull grey crown; white streaks above and below the eyes; glittering green throat; white tipped, emerald to blue-green and rounded tail with white base of outer tail feathers; glittering green chest and belly; white centre of belly; and female (♀): rufous streaks above and below the eyes, green circles pattern on throat and chest, and rufous stomach.
Habitat: forest boundary/edges, grassland, pasture, roadside, and savannahs.
Range: north north-east and south east South America (east Colombia, Guianas, Trinidad, Bolivia, east Paraguay, east and central Brazil, Peru, north east Argentina, and Venezuela).