Rufous-shafted Woodstar

Rufous-shafted Woodstar (Chaetocerus jourdanii)

Length: 6.5–6.9cm (2.56–2.72")
Weight: 2.3g
Description: a small hummingbird with a straight, half inch long bill; upper parts shining green; male (♂): magenta gorget, delimited, below, by white pectoral band that reaches up to behind the eyes; remainder of under parts green, showing white flanks under the wing; deeply forked tail with rufous base and shafts; and female (♀): like the male but dusky ear patch; beige-white under parts with slight impression of a pale crescent across chest that reaches to behind the eyes as narrow line; vague shadowy breast band; dark green central tail feathers, outer rectrices rufous with dusky sub-terminal band; and all tail feathers with beige rufous tips.
Habitat: forest; forest boundary/edges, forest undergrowth/shrubbery, gardens, glade, grassland, highlands/mountains—middle to high elevation—plantations, and secondary forest.
Range: north east Colombia, Venezuela, and Trinidad.