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Emperor Valley Zoo Map

This map of Emperor Valley Zoo encompasses the zooˈs 7+ acres, ensconced in the gorge beneath Chancellor Hill, that extends approximately 410 meters from the south, at Circular Road, to north and 134 meters from east to west, at Zoo Road, at its broadest point.

This Emperor Valley Zoo map depicts the relative positions of the various animal exhibits, ponds and significant foliage areas but not their exact spatial relations, see note below. A snake house and aquaria are on the left bank and a giraffe enclosure near the top of the compound. Tigers, an aviary and primates are located to the east. Big cats, generally, are on the right, when facing north. Crocodilians, turtles, a giant otter and flamingoes are located in the ponds at mid lower end of the compound. Other key points are the entrance, exits, cashier, café, seating area, Wi-Fi zone, First Aid station, on the western side; restroom at the south east corner and a Jungle Gym along the central paved pathway.

Emperor Valley Zoo Map

The map shows the paved pathways that are in excess of 1,522 meters, a little less than a mile; the main pathways run south to north, the first one, on entering the compound, extends from the Macaw cage at the southern end pass the southern Caféand Zoo Shoppe, pass the crocodilian exhibits to the reptile house and then on to the second café; the second south-north pathway, accessed by one of the east-west, shorter pathways, extends from the primate cages in the south, to the lionˈs enclosure, Jungle Gym, then pass the northern café, the zebra exhibit, to the second restroom and then on to the planned African animal exhibits; the other south-north path, shorter, perhaps more curved than the others and with a short sharp crook a third of the way, extends from the top of the primates exhibits, at the south east corner, pass the aviary then to the tiger enclosure and boar exhibits.

Not depicted is the terrain elevation, which is gently inclined, lengthways, from the south to north progressing up the gorge, the hill on the right bank that is abrupt at the bottom of the gorge but is gentler higher up and the trough in the midst.

NB.This Emperor Valley Zoo map has been distorted along the x and y axes for technical reasons.

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